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CCT0053 Miss Toronto Billie Hallam 1937 Postcard

CCT0053 Miss Toronto Billie Hallam 1937 Postcard

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Canadian Culture Thing postcard 

Billie Hallam, Miss Toronto 1937, wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs Baseball uniform (embellished), striking a pose in an alley.

Note: A customer was buying a few of another Miss Toronto postcard (CCT0008) telling me that her boyfriend's grandmother was a Miss Toronto. When I asked if there was anything else she could add, she texted him. He said that he didn't know her maiden name but that her first name was Billie and she was the model for the Export A girl! Well, of course we had this picture of Billie Hallam and let's face it, put a tam on her head and she's spot on for the cigarette package model.

  • Maple Leaf Forever Stamp: Christopher Plummer
  • Postcard size: 10cm x 15cm / 4" x 6"
  • Made in Canada
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